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How does it work?

When you arrive at Spy Missions you will be met by your guide. They will take you to the briefing room to find out the details of your mission.

Groups set off at 10 minute intervals, so you never share your mission with strangers.

After the briefing you will fly the Dynamic hover craft from UNS Endeavour along the Bandar valley to catch up with Steadfast (The hijacked warship). When you reach Steadfast you and your guide will secretly board her and carry out a series of tasks undetected by the enemy. These tasks vary from visit to visit but are essentially puzzles set into the story line of the mission. For instance, you might be asked to seize control of the ship's steering and turn her away from her target; or to connect the auxiliary cables to power the missile silo doors.

During these tasks you will also need to avoid cameras and security systems, dodge laser beams and use the ventilation system to move around undetected.

If you manage to get to the missile and disable it your mission is a success, but you will still need to escape before Agent Malice and his men catch up with you. So the end of the mission is an adrenaline fuelled chase, using C4 explosives to escape the ship and complete your mission.

Once you arrive safely back in the café, your food (if you've ordered any) will be brought to your table, freshly cooked while you were off saving the world.

The mission lasts about an hour and we have three different levels of difficulty for different age groups.

Have you got what it takes?

How long does a SpyMission last?

The Spy Mission itself lasts one hour.

We serve hot food a few minutes after the children come out of their mission and drinks will be placed on the table.

It's difficult for us to tell you how long this bit will last as it depends on the number of people attending, whether you are serving cake, how many photos you are taking, whether you have a chat with parents or are they in a hurry, etc.

We recommend you allow about 1 hour 45 minutes for an average 12 player party.

How many people can I bring?

You can book up to 24 players online, but we are more than happy to accommodate larger groups. Please call us to discuss your requirements

On arrival you will be split into teams according to your group size and teams will set off 10 minutes apart

» What if my numbers increase?

With advance notice it is normally possible to increase your numbers, but this is subject to availability. Please contact us and we will accommodate you if at all possible.

What's the minimum number of players?

The minimum number of players is 2 if you only wish to do the mission.
If you're looking to book a party with us you will need a minimum of 6 players.

What age is SpyMissions suitable for?

We have missions written to suit:

Young Kids (Age 6-7) - Malice's Revenge

Older Kids (Age 8+) - Shadow Force

For groups aged 8 and above parents are allowed to leave the premises when all of their agents are in the mission. Please leave contact details at reception before leaving.

Q: I have four 7 year olds and four 8 year olds, what mission should they do?
A: If they are all in the same peer group, you should put them all into the older (8+ years) mission.

Families - Written for adults and kids to work together

In family missions we can accept children of age 4+, provided the parent is taking part in the mission.

Note: The prices for the family mission are the same as those for Shadow Force. When booking online, please select the Shadow Force mission and add a comment to the booking to say that you would like the family mission.

Adults - Covert Sword

For anyone aged 14+ we would recommend the Covert Sword mission

What should I wear?

Spymissions is an indoor activity so casual clothes are fine. We recommend long sleeves and trousers to avoid friction burns for the physical activities.

Please do not wear high heels or flip-flops/sandals.

Can I take part if I have a disability?

The terms disability and special needs cover a huge range, some people will be able to take part and others won't.

Please e-mail us with your specific circumstances and we will get in touch.

If we can help we would love to.

Do I have to book?

Yes, all missions must be booked in advance.

At Si5 Spy Missions, every group is accompanied on their mission by one of our secret agents.

We need time to call in an agent for your mission and so, unfortunately, cannot accept walk-ins

We can often accommodate last minute bookings so please ring.

Cancellation policy

Up to 7 days in advance of your booking:
There is a £10 charge for cancelling or moving your booking.
Any refunds can only be made to the card you booked with.

Less than 7 days in advance:
No refunds will be offered.
Under certain circumstances it may be possible move your booking to another date and time, for a charge of 10% of the total booking price.

» What if my numbers increase?

With advance notice it is normally possible to increase your numbers, but this is subject to availability. Please contact us and we will accommodate you if at all possible.

Allergies and special dietary requirements

All of our allergen information is displayed in the centre.

If you have any special dietary requirements or for more information, please ring your local centre and we will do our best to accommodate you

Company Details

Si5 Spy Missions Ltd
Company No: 05604068
Email: mail@si5spymissions.com
Phone: 01954 782 142

Unit 7, Viking Way
Bar Hill

CB23 8EL