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Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

We have four missions, written to suit different ages and groups. To read more, select your mission from the list below:

Only £7.50 per head this half termMin 3 players. Ring 01954 789134 to book. You can also select any of the mission types to see this offer on our offers page. You wont have to do that mission

Operation: Malice's Revenge Young Kids (Age 6-7)

Search UNS Steadfast for codes and secret buttons, climb through tunnels and vents in order to find Agent Malice’s deadly time bombs. And all against the clock…… RUN!

A mission written especially for 6 and 7 year olds that encourages them to work together as a team as they explore the ship, disable the bombs and save the world!

Who'd think using your brains could be so much fun?!

Your spies will work their way through the ship exploring the rooms and completing simple puzzles, such as connecting the power cables so they can open the doors to the ship’s hold. They need to avoid security cameras and dodge lasers as they search for Agent Malice’s time bombs. When they find a bomb they will need to enter the top secret codes and passwords to deactivate it.

Operation: Shadow Force Older Kids (Age 8+)

Your spies will use our top secret hovercraft to covertly board the ship. They will work their way through the ship from room to room cracking the safes, solving puzzles and using the ventilation system to get to the missile without being detected.

They will have to avoid lasers and security cameras as they make their way to various rooms where they will need to carry out the objectives to complete the mission.

Once completed they grab their guns and shoot their way through the security systems to escape! (Don't forget the C4 explosives!!)

Operation: Covert Sword Adults

Spy Missions is a series of puzzles set into an exciting story line. Each puzzle is woven into the fabric of the story and you need to complete as many of them as possible in hope of saving the world from nuclear destruction.

The Mission

Nigel Palmer, once an SI5 operative, has gone rogue. Using inside information, he and a group of mercenaries calling themselves The Plague have seized control of UNS Steadfast, an Orion Class Battle Cruiser armed with 6 Nuclear missiles.

Palmer, using the pseudonym Agent Malice, claims he has the missile launch codes and intends to attack London starting World War 3.

Your mission is to covertly board the ship and use every possible avenue to slow her down and stop her getting within range of her target, disable Palmer's men and lock down the ships systems. You need to buy enough time to get to her missile bay and stop the launch.

Adult missions are sprinkled with traps and extra tasks to keep the pressure up from the covert start to the adrenalin fuelled finish.

Please note  Covert Sword is not a different mission to Shadow Force. You will follow the same course, but each of the puzzles has extra elements to make it suitable for adults.

Operation: Broken Arrow

For the family mission we have taken some parts from the adult mission and blended them with the kids ones. Your guide will steer you towards the tasks best suited to your skills.

Mum and Dad, you might have to step in and help the kids if they get stuck.

Kids, you might have to step in and help Mum and Dad if they’re struggling.

But the most important thing is to work as a team and save the world from destruction at the hands of Nigel Palmer AKA Agent Malice.

Note: The prices for the family mission are the same as those for Shadow Force. When booking online, please select the Shadow Force mission and add a comment to the booking to say that you would like the family mission.