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School Events

Si5 will present your pupils with a series of mental and physical challenges, both in the mission and in the additional educational activities we can provide.

Your pupils will be divided into teams and work in those teams for the entire visit.

Their success will depend on their team working, communication and cooperation skills.

Si5 is low risk, reliable and competitively priced.

What We Provide

We pride ourselves on making your visit a stress free experience right from the initial enquiry to the visit itself. Please look at our reviews to see what teachers have said about us.

We provide an individual program based on the purpose of your visit (education and/or reward), number of pupils, and amount of time you wish the experience to last.

Once you book you will receive the booking confirmation, programme and risk assessments. The school will be invoiced the day after the visit.

And it doesn’t have to end when you leave SpyMissions….we can provide you resources based on the mission the pupils have experienced, which you can then use back at school.


Number of PlayersPrice per Player
20+ players£8.50
10 - 19 players£9.50
< 10 players£10.50

All prices are subject to VAT

Contact Details

Chrissie Richardson
Schools Coordinator
07467 953871

Student/Teacher Reviews

"The children have continued to talk about their visit to you. Each of our Year 7 forms have written you a small note of appreciation. Thanks again for a wonderfully organised day. See you next year"

Abberley Hall - Teachers

"Thank you very much for such a great day. We had an amazing time on the mission and we also enjoyed the laptop work which was challenging but really fun"

"Thank you for an excellent day out. We all loved running around being temporary spies for the day"

Abberley Hall - Year 7 Pupils

"Dear SI5. That was the best school trip ever. I loved the slide plus everything else. P.S. I want to go again"

"Thank you for making me have one of the best days of my life. I have never had so much fun on a school trip before"

"I loved my time at Spy Missions. I’ve never had a school trip like it, it was great"

Edmund De Munford - Year 6 Pupils

"I absolutely love organising our yearly visit to SpyMissions, it is by far the easiest trip I have ever run. Chrissie guides you through the whole process from start to finish, sending you all of the relevant paper work and keeping you up to date with any changes. All you need to do is turn up on the day and relax!

Our students love it and are talking about it for months after we have been and we still have students asking if they can go back years later! The combination of a computer game and a mission with guns and lasers always seems to be a winner with our students and the teachers love the fact that the building is secure and the SpyMissions team do all of the hard work for you."

Jo Richardson Community College - Teacher (Year 7)

We are now selling a range of pocket money items priced from £1.00 to £2.00.

Si5 Secret Intelligence can be a useful tool during the induction period. Pupils are thrown into a mission and must work together. This helps form bonds with fellow students and develops an understanding of the dynamics of the class.