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"An interesting, funny and entertaining experience! The staff make it a cinch to organise, cater well for all audiences and the 'tongue in cheek' tone for adults makes it difficult enough to be testing but fun enough to be entertaining."

Covid-19In light of the recent government update, we are having to temporarily close all of our Spy Missions centres. This closure is temporary, but as of this time we do not know when we will be allowed to open again. ------------------------------------ If you currently have a booking with us: We would like to offer you a 25% discount if you would be happy to move your booking to a future date. You do not need to choose this date now, we will simply hold your booking at the discounted price until you are ready to re-book. Many people are promising disappointed children a half birthday and we would welcome your business. Please email us at booking@spymissions.co.uk if you would like to move your booking. Otherwise, we will email you in the coming weeks to discuss cancelling or moving your booking. We are truly sorry that we have had to close, and we thank you for your support at this time. Stay safe Bob Richardson Managing Director Spy Missions

"Everyone really enjoyed it and found it more challenging than expected (in a good way). The feedback from staff was great and everyone said it worked really well as a team building event. They preferred it to Escape rooms which we have done previously.

"Great fun & challenging hacking task. Had a great time and would definitely come again!"
Cambridge Cosultants

"Loads of fun. A great team building exercise would definitely recommend."

"A great team building experience enjoyed by all. Thank you ☺"

"A really fun experience, friendly staff, thank you"
Thickbroom Coventry

"Great Fun!"   "Amazing!"   "Tea and biscuits - YUM!"

"Being a spy: a grown up's dream! Better than adult wrestling" << ???
LCG Group