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Operation: Malice's Revenge
Young Kids (Age 6-7)

Search UNS Steadfast for codes and secret buttons, climb through tunnels and vents in order to find Agent Malice’s deadly time bombs. And all against the clock…… RUN!

A mission written especially for 6 and 7 year olds that encourages them to work together as a team as they explore the ship, disable the bombs and save the world!

Who'd think using your brains could be so much fun?!

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The Mission:

Your spies will work their way through the ship exploring the rooms and completing simple puzzles, such as connecting the power cables so they can open the doors to the ship’s hold. They need to avoid security cameras and dodge lasers as they search for Agent Malice’s time bombs. When they find a bomb they will need to enter the top secret codes and passwords to deactivate it.

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When you arrive, you fill in your food order and then when it's time for the party to start our enthusiastic guides will take your kids on their mission. Once they're in you're free to go or stay and have a cuppa and a cake in our lounge area. They'll be in their for an hour so you'll have plenty of time to relax.

Once your kids have finished saving the world, we'll show them to their party table, where there will be jugs of squash and their party bags waiting, then we bring out their food, freshly cooked whilst they were on their mission.

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Click an image to see the objective

Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected Break into the vault to hack the satellite control and change the missile's targeting coordinates! Seize control of the ship and steer it out of range of the missile target! Get through the security lasers without breaking the beams! Get to the missile before the enemy, and stop the launch!

Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected