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The ultimate birthday party!

A party at spymissions lasts approximately 2 hours depending on the number of children. A party consists of a full one hour mission followed by freshly cooked hot food served at your party table.

Choose from 4 exciting missions to suit the age of the birthday child. Each mission has it's own dedicated guide who can help teams with their mission, ensuring that everyone has the best time ever.

Outdoor MissionHi. We are thinking of creating a new outdoor mission for the summer. Would you be interested? Email "Yes" to outdoor@si5spymissions.com

Malices Revenge (Age 6-7) Agent Malice has planted several time bombs on the ship. Climb through vents and get through the lasers to find the secret codes to deactivate them in time! Read more
Shadow Force (Age 8+) Work your way through the ship from room to room cracking the safes, solving puzzles and using the ventilation system to get to the missile before it launches! Read more
Covert Sword (Adults) Covertly board the ship and use every possible avenue to slow her down and stop her getting within range of her target, disable Palmer's men and lock down the ships systems. You need to buy enough time to get to her missile bay and stop the launch. Read more
Broken Arrow (Families) For the family mission we have taken some parts from the adult mission and blended them with the kids ones. Your guide will steer you towards the tasks best suited to your skills. Read more

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Party Food

The children select their meal choice before entering the mission, and this is freshly cooked while they are saving the world! Your party table will be set up whilst your children are in their mission and food is served within a few minutes of the mission finishing.   See our Menu

Spy Packs

We also offer our brilliant Spy Pack party bags for just £2.50 each to make your party experience complete
See the Spy Pack contents below: