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Covid-19In light of the recent government update, we are having to temporarily close all of our Spy Missions centres. This closure is temporary, but as of this time we do not know when we will be allowed to open again. ------------------------------------ If you currently have a booking with us: We would like to offer you a 25% discount if you would be happy to move your booking to a future date. You do not need to choose this date now, we will simply hold your booking at the discounted price until you are ready to re-book. Many people are promising disappointed children a half birthday and we would welcome your business. Please email us at booking@spymissions.co.uk if you would like to move your booking. Otherwise, we will email you in the coming weeks to discuss cancelling or moving your booking. We are truly sorry that we have had to close, and we thank you for your support at this time. Stay safe Bob Richardson Managing Director Spy Missions


There have been a lot of scare stories about the Covid 19 Virus and shocking news of its growth in Italy, so I wanted to share the information we have gathered with you.

Spy Missions is a low risk venue for the following reasons:

  1. Covid 19 is very low risk to anyone below the age of 40 and even lower in children.
    Of detected cases (That's not including those who get over it without going to hospital) the death rate of those under 40 is under 0.2% (That's 2 in every 1,000 detected cases), and there have been no deaths in people under 30, outside of China
  2. Most deaths have occurred in people over the age of 80
    21% of deaths were people aged 80 and above (That's 210 out of every 1000 detected cases) and many of these were in people with existing age related illness.
  3. We are a small venue and the risk of you encountering someone with Covid-19 while visiting us is lower than that when attending your school or going into town.
  4. Most of the children you come into close contact with will be your child's friends, who they have also been in contact with at school.

Current government planning is not to close schools, because the risk to children is so low and such closures would need to be for an extended period (over 12 weeks).
The concern is that were schools to close, the chance of keeping children in isolation (not seeing any friends) for that period is essentially zero.
There is also a risk that children not attending school will be cared for by grandparents, which then puts the grandparents at risk.

We are a business and we need your support (We do not qualify for any government help), but I assure you that if the advice we were given was to stop you celebrating your birthday party here, then I would do so.

Yours, Bob Richardson
Managing Director