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The most incredible party experience

A birthday party at Spy Missions is an hour of fantastic fun with party food to follow

Your children will go on an amazing, undercover mission, accompanied by their very own guide who will make it a thrilling experience while ensuring your children are happy and safe.

Fantastic 10 Player Party Offer! Book now for our fantastic 10 player party offer - just £80! Available for a limited time for May and June bookings!

A spy mission lasts approximately 1 hour. A typical party at Spy Missions lasts about 2 hours dependent on numbers attending.

Party Food

The children select their meal choice before entering the mission, and this is freshly cooked while they are saving the world! Your party table will be set up whilst your children are in their mission and food is served within a few minutes of the mission finishing.   See our Menu

Spy Packs

We also offer our brilliant Spy Pack party bags for just £2.50 each, to make your party experience complete

See the Spy Pack contents below: