Privacy: Booking Information

Privacy: Cookies

In the following paragraphs, 'you' refers to the customer providing the information, and 'we' and 'us' refer to Si5 SpyMissions Ltd. In the title questions, 'you' refers to Si5 SpyMissions Ltd., whilst 'my information' refers to personal information provided by you to Si5 SpyMissions Ltd. during the booking process.

Privacy: Booking Information

Why do you need my information?

This is simply for us to identify your booking if you contact us, and when you arrive.
Email Address:
We will send your confirmation email to this address and use it for non-urgent communications regarding your booking. We may also occasionally (not more than once a month) send you emails about our latest offers.
Phone Number:
We need this to contact you if we can't get hold of you by email, or if we need to contact you with more urgent matters regarding your booking.
Party Child's name
This is so we can identify the birthday child when you arrive and also put their name on our birthday board in our café on the date of your party.

All of this personal information is collected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations to you.

What will you do with my information?

We will use your contact details to contact you with regards to your booking. We may also occasionally (not more than once a month) send you emails about our latest offers.

How long do you keep my information?

Booking contact details are stored until 30 days after the date of your visit or your last correspondence with us, whichever is later. After this time, we will remove your personal information, but we will keep non-personal booking information, such as email, time, date and number of players.

Will you hand my information to third parties?

All of the personal information collected by Si5 SpyMissions Ltd. is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations to you. We will not pass any personal information to any third-parties

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