Incredible Spy Adventure

Operation: Covert Sword

A Unique Spy Adventure in Nottingham

SpyMissions is an incredible mix of physical and mental challenges, set into an exciting storyline!

Crack safes, climb through lasers and seize control of the ship to get to the missile in time and abort the launch!

Please note All the missions take place upon UNS Steadfast, but each puzzle is designed to challenge the age group taking part

Incredible Activities for Adults

The Mission

Nigel Palmer, once an SI5 operative, has gone rogue. Using inside information, he and a group of mercenaries calling themselves The Plague have seized control of UNS Steadfast, an Orion Class Battle Cruiser armed with 6 Nuclear missiles.

Palmer, using the pseudonym Agent Malice, claims he has the missile launch codes and intends to attack London starting World War 3.

Your mission is to covertly board the ship and use every possible avenue to slow her down and stop her getting within range of her target, disable Palmer's men and lock down the ships systems. You need to buy enough time to get to her missile bay and stop the launch.

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Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected Break into the vault to hack the satellite control and change the missile's targeting coordinates! Seize control of the ship and steer it out of range of the missile target! Get through the security lasers without breaking the beams! Get to the missile before the enemy, and stop the launch!

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