Incredible Family Activities in Cambridge!

Take your family on a fantastic adventure!

SpyMissions Cambridge gives you a wonderful day out with your family, working together to save London from evil Agent Malice.

Help your kids to solve puzzles and they can help you the get through the laser beams. Work together to stop Malice before it's too late!

Your Mission

Malice has taken UNS Steadfast - a state of the art battle cruiser invisible to radar and armed with nuclear missiles.

Track the ship in your stealth boat, get on board and work your way through to Missile Control before she launches her deadly payload!

"I've never seen my kids so focused!"

Incredible Family Fun Days Out

A full hour mission with your own dedicated guide, who can tailor the experience to your skill level

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Please note: You will need to book in advance so we can arrange a guide, but we can usually accomodate same day bookings.

Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected Break into the vault to hack the satellite control and change the missile's targeting coordinates! Seize control of the ship and steer it out of range of the missile target! Get through the security lasers without breaking the beams! Get to the missile before the enemy, and stop the launch!

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