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The most incredible kids party experience in Cambridge!

A birthday party at Spy Missions is an hour of fantastic fun with party food to follow

Your children will go on an amazing, undercover mission, accompanied by their very own guide who will make it a thrilling experience while ensuring your children are happy and safe.

Only £7.50 per head this half termMin 3 players. Ring 01954 789134 to book. You can also select any of the mission types to see this offer on our offers page. You wont have to do that mission

Spy Missions is the ultimate, hassle-free, kids party venue!

Set inside the battle cruiser UNS Steadfast spy missions is a unique, indoor, spy themed, party venue. Your child will have an amazing time with their friends climbing through ventilation shafts and solving puzzles to stop Agent Malice launching the missile.

Its simple to book our exciting activity parties online by choosing one of our incredible offers or using our price calculator to work out your price, then add party food and our spy pack party bags to make your kids party "the best party ever!!!"

When you arrive, you fill in your food order and then when it's time for the party to start our enthusiastic guides will take your kids on their mission. Once they're in you're free to go or stay and have a cuppa and a cake in our lounge area. They'll be in their for an hour so you'll have plenty of time to relax.

Once your kids have finished saving the world, we'll show them to their party table, where there will be jugs of squash and their party bags waiting, then we bring out their food, freshly cooked whilst they were on their mission.

If you have a birthday cake, we can keep it safe until you're ready and then bring it out once the food is cleared.

And that's it! All that's left for you to do is leave a review to let us know what a fantastic time your spies have had ;)

Want to see what goes on at SpyMissions?
Check out our video for a sneak peak of your mission:


Click an image to see the objective

Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected Break into the vault to hack the satellite control and change the missile's targeting coordinates! Seize control of the ship and steer it out of range of the missile target! Get through the security lasers without breaking the beams! Get to the missile before the enemy, and stop the launch!

Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected

Spy Missions

If you are looking for an activity party for kids then Spy Missions is your perfect choice.

Your children will climb through tunnels and dodge lasers while solving puzzles to stop Agent Malice and save London.

Our parties are indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather ruining the day.

We offer a unique kids party you won’t find anywhere else in the world, we have parties to suit kids aged 6 to 13 years and then adult, corporate and family missions.

Your party is themed around a Battle Cruiser which has been seized by Agent Malice.

Only your birthday team can get to the ship in time to stop Malice’s evil plans.

Each visit to Spy Missions is different as we constantly change the route through the ship doing different tasks to slow Malice down and get to the missile before it launches.

Spy Missions is the perfect party venue, we supply lovely cooked food in our bright friendly café and you get peace and quiet for an hour while we whisk your children off on their adventure through the Battle Cruiser before coming back out to find their table set up with drinks and spy packs and food on its way.

Thinking for a team building experience for your hard working crew.

Spymissions is the perfect venue, Its indoors so you wont get muddy, there's some physical stuff but not to much

The storyline and puzzles are engaging and fun, but most of all you can't complete them alone, you'll just have to work as a team!

And you wouldn't want the other team to beat your score would you?

If you want team building challenges we are your answer, we are like a giant set of escape rooms that can take up to 40 people at a time.

Team building should engage, encourage, stretch, but most of all it should be fun.