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Incredible fun for kids at home!
Incredible fun for kids at home!

Home Missions

A totally new and exciting spy adventure you can set up and play in and around your own home!

More than 200,000 children have enjoyed visiting our Spy Mission action adventure centres since we opened the first one in 2007

Now, at last, thanks to our gameplay boffins, you can turn your home into the top secret hideout of enemy Agent Malice and try our brand new mission at home!

"I played this with my son. He absolutely loved climbing through the lasers and finding the clues, and we both enjoyed the computer hacking and solving the puzzles!"

Chip Maybee
Si5 Tech Oficer

"We need Malice's car number. Bring up Geo Satellite 2, let's see if we can track his mobile phone"

  • Duck the security cameras and dodge the lasers as you search for clues
  • Crack codes, solve puzzles and hack the enemy computers to track down your fiendish opponent in a thrilling race against time!
  • You have just two hours to foil Malice's plan and save the world!
  • The clock is ticking

Welcome backWe are taking bookings for single households from the 22nd August. And parties from the 4th of September. In the meantime, have a look at our new mission you can play at home!! For more information on re-opening please click here

Kids indoor activity
Activity for kids at home

For up to 4 players of ages 6 - 11

This unique game comprises

  • Download props to print out and place around the home
  • Takes up to 30 mins to set up
  • Interactive web pages turn your home computer into mission control!
  • Smartphone web app guides you through the mission - your phone is part of the game!
  • Mission takes approx. 2 hours to complete
  • Easy to follow instructions
Things to dowith the kids at home

Check out our incredible reviews:

How's it work?

  1. Download and print off the props:
    • Camera Wraps: A5 printed camera that you wrap around a baked bean tin
    • Laser Beams: Printed 3cm laser beam dots that you cut out and bluetac around the house
    • Door Keypad: Printed A5 sheet to stick on a door
    • Safe Front: Printed A4 sheet that you stick on a kitchen cupboard door
    Follow the instructions to place these around your home.
  2. Print off the clues: Birthday Card, Code Sheets, Telephone Bill, and Missile Code
    Hide these around your home for the players to find (as per the guidance given)
  3. Open the website on your PC / laptop and follow the simple instructions.
    It will link to your mobile, to give you alarm, camera alert, face scanner etc. sound effects, as well as give you information on your current objectives as you move around Agent Malice's secret hideout
  4. Start the game. The rest is easy and all lead by Chip Maybee and Commander Falcon
Activity for kids at home


  • Printer
  • PC / laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Selotape
  • Blutac or similar
  • Scissors
  • You and your kids!

You will need approximately 30 minutes to set the mission up around the house before you start to play.
The game takes approximately 2 hours to play