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Covid-19 Adaptations

As of the 19th July 2021, the following rules no longer apply

Firstly we are so excited to have customers back at Spy Missions.

We would very much like to thank all those who have postponed their bookings from last year and supported us through this difficult time.

We also really happy to have all our new customers.

Welcome One and All

Although we are approaching the return to normality, we are not there yet and we have, therefore, put things in place to keep our customers and staff safe.

Following Government Guidelines

  1. Please do not enter the building if you have experienced any of the following:
    1. A high temperature
    2. A new and continuous cough
    3. Have been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid 19 or who has tested positive.
  2. Please remain outside with your group until called in by a member of staff. Your group will be called in in groups of a maximum of 6 and taken on their mission or sat at their table. Players must use the hand sanitiser before setting off on their mission and when the mission has finished. Anyone aged 11 years and over must wear a face covering except if medically exempt).
  3. You can have a maximum of 6 Adults in the building who are not doing the mission, but we would ask you to keep these numbers to a minimum.
  4. Anyone over 11 years old must wear a face covering and will need to use the hand sanitiser at reception. The party organiser will need to complete the contact details form.
  5. Face coverings can then be removed once at the table and must be put back on when moving away from the table. There will be a table service for hot drinks, payable by card only.
  6. Once each group has finished their mission they will be shown to their allocated table and they must remain at the table, apart from using the toilets, until they leave the building.

We ask that everyone adheres to all the rules we have had to put in place for the next few weeks, in order to keep everyone safe and to ensure the continued opening of our business.

Thank you for your cooperation

Yours, Bob Richardson
Managing Director

Si5 SpyMissions Ltd.
7 Viking Way
Bar Hill
CB23 8EL
United Kingdom

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